- Hollywood Legend -
Musician Extraordinaire
Brother Fantastique
In Memorium
October 26, 1952
October 20, 2002
- The Music Lives On -

After Craig's untimely passing in October (due to an aortic aneurism), and in his memory, we have put together a double CD of Craig's music - of both songs and instrumentals. It is now available and well illustrates how he was as comfortable, and incredible, on piano as he was a legend on guitar. This first collection of songs and instrumentals is all Craig - piano, guitar, drum machines, synth, organ, etc. While most of the music was remixed and fine-tuned from older 4-track analog cassette tapes it still contains a lot of bite, beauty, and intensity. Like the "exciting" musician he was, this music will grab you and amaze even his friends who had the pleasure of playing with him or seeing him perform live. Thanks for the music, Craig! You can hear, order, and download singles of all the great songs and tracks thru the player below or purchase any of the cd's direct thru


Six CD's available from:


Hollywood Legend
Hollywood Legend


Disc 1 - Vocals 1. Gonna Be Somebody 2. Do What's wrong 3. Nowhere In The World 4. I Don't Feel Dead 5. Light Air 6. It'll Be Okay 7. Cold Future 8. Lookout Mountain 9. Play With Me 10. Remember You By 11. Woman 12. Travel Away Disk 2 - Instrumentals 1. Knossus 2. Victim From Space 3. 20 Years Late 4. Cool Fool 5. Visions Of Life 6. Deadlock 7. Floating To Mars 8. Funky Dog 9. Gone Neptune 10. Prague 11. Psycho Ramble 12. Skewbald 13. Aries 14. Smitty's Blues 15. Stinkin' Operetto 16. The Wait 17. Thumpin'

Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue


1. Song To Sing 2. Play With Me. Play With Fire 4. Full Moon 5. Spacerian 6. Hymn 9 7. Mellow Times 8. Scorpionic 9. Piano Peace 10. Hermes Town 11. Portland Jam 99 12. Beggar's Grave 13. I'm Outta Time 14. Latin Night

Piano Impressions
Piano Impressions


1. Upon Sacred Ground 2. Night Has Fallen 3. Stoic's Sonata 4. Of Life And Time 5. In Plato's Cave 6. Lost In Winter 7. Visions Of Life 8. On Muir's Trail 9. Red Rock Redux 10. My Future's Come 11. Rough Rhapsody 12. Miniature Suite 13. The Dust Is Gone 14. Angular Light 15. Whistler Motif 16. Lizst Reborn

Craig Welton and Friends
Craig Welton & Friends

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Disk 1: (w/Jim Campeau) 1. Superstitious 2. So you Can Get off 3. Runoff 4. Scoundrel 5. Pachebel 6. Re-Entry 7. Conception 8. Give Game 9. Surrendered Feelings 10. Spacerian 11. Light Wave 12. Standoff 13. Cavern Run 14. Jeezo 15. Vulcan Blast Disk 2 (w/Jim Weebe songs-vocal) 1. Ain't gonna Take It Anymore 2. Pretty Baby 3. Pony Express 4. Nothin To It 5. Witness My Sin 6. I Got To Go 7. Different For Girls (Joe Jackson) 8. Lucky Too 9. Get To Where I'm Goin' 10. Don't Ask Me Why (Craig Instrumentals) 11. Gateway 12. Sirian Melody 13. Hell's Furnace 14. Galaxy Ride 15. Rumble 16. Late Lament 17. Grindin' 18. Too Far Gone 19. Rocker

Welton Brothers... In a Jam
Welton Brothers In a Jam


1. Rock Men 2. Organ Grinder 3. Red House Jam 4. Latin Night 5. K's Theme 6. Shades O' Craig 7. Mellow Strut 8. Moogy Man 9. FlashMan 10. Craig Redux 11. WildFire 12. Crazy Romp 13. Roland's Beat 14. Toasted Jam 15. Open Doors

Atomic Man
Atomic Man by Craig Welton


1. Organitar 2. Stargate 3. Rough Edge 4. Funky Dog 5. Under Fire 6. Still Standin' 7. Stranger in Heat 8. Slinky Theme 9. Her Majesty 10. Low Down Man 11. Intersection 12. Betty's Blues 13. Hot Spell 14. Bad Binge 15. Until the End 16. Mischief 17. Hyper Lounge 18. Onslaught 19. Rock Star 20. The Wait 21. Ridin' Low 22. Holy Ground 23. Roundabout 24. Straight Up 25. Against the Sky 26. Funky Grace 27. Sic Transit 28. Days of Youth 29. Flyaway 30. A Short Blues 31. Major Funk 32. Step In It 33. Cool Pepper 34. Brahms in a Bar 35. Underground 36. Man-Iac 37. Complexity 38. My Leyenda


YouTube Music Videos:

Holy Ground
Do What's Wrong
Ridin' Low
Play With Me
Travel Away
Gonna Be Somebody
Latin Nights
Nowhere in This World
Song to Sing
The Wait



Hollywood Legend CD

"Really a fantastic work, highly recommended"

Carlos Ferreira,


"I really liked it a lot... Craig was very talented."

Guy Ferri,


"Craig's multi-instrumental prowess comes to the forefront on this second CD. The songs tend to be written from the piano upwards, and developed through the guitar and additional keyboards - both these instruments are well mastered and well executed. There are several beautiful, guitar melody tracks, my favorite being the laconic Deadlock with shades of Jeff Beck. Lush strings and piano forming the backdrop for this piece. Along with Craig's obvious flair for the guitar, he also had similar abilities in the keyboard department as displayed in Prague. Other highlights from the album were cleverly written Knosus and The Wait... a pretty awesome album."

Bob Mulvey, Dutch Progressive Rock Radio


"Craig was a very gifted multi-instrumentalist; so varied and always masterful interplay between the solos of electric guitar, those of bass and synthesizer, and passages of piano are everywhere on the album. I Don’t Feel Dead and Cold Future represent a real progressive Hard Rock, while the last track on the disc, Travel Away (12), is an excellent Classic Art-Rock ballad.... while on Aires (13), there is nothing but the (wonderful) piano passages... any problems of a technical character cannot cloud the talents of any true artist, and the late Craig Welton was certainly one of them."



Atomic Man CD

"A killer guitarist... the true musical brilliance of Welton shines through like a priceless diamond. He is a brilliant composer and masterful guitarist/Pianist/Keyboardist and was clearly a musical mastermind.... His mind-blowing fretwork and keyboard chops deliver more than enough playing and soul to go around"

Cyrus Rhodes, IndieMusicMedia


Our thanks to Family & Friends who attended his "Bon Voyage" party. We hope you will keep in touch with us, with one another, and keep listening. Progressive Rock/jazz reviewers and DJs please email us for a review copy of CDs.


Craig Comes Through- Fariba, the Psychic

Why is it we always wait until someone dies before we visit a medium? Fariba came recomended via Pam's sister, who indicated she told her things about her childhood no one could have known. Well, sure enough, this beautiful Persian gal connected with Craig, and other relatives, and told us things only Pam and I knew. With regard to Craig, she revealed Craig loved the picture (on the CD) and forgave me for getting some of the names wrong on his music (only I knew this). She said he mentions a musician who passed some 20 years ago who he's "singing" with... black and name begins with "J" I said its gotta be Jimmy Hendrix. She said yes! He also revealed he didn't think he was going to die, until last moments, as everyone at clinic and hospital said he was going to be okay despite his great pain. But then he knew, and he probably remembered his own premonitions about his time. He had, as Fariba stated, some time ago mentioned to Martin (a friend to work) that he would likely not live to see his fiftyith birthday. And then the little things... he asked that I get his record collection (still in Vegas) as Betty does not know value of some of record and may give or throw away! Craig also "said" I didn't need to look/stare at his picture (on my studio monitor above my keyboard) as he is all around in room and, because he always loved my back yard, will likely he hanging around there from time to time... and he also knows I've got work to do on my front yard... a thought I've had in mind and put on hold until I finished the CD project... again, a thought which only I knew, as with other things mentioned by Fariba. Hey, it's like Fariba had a better connection than my cell phone! Fascinating, revealing, and inspiring. Skeptics should give Fariba a call at 949-251-1830.

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"Somewhere out there is a place supreme
where nature controls our very souls"


A Small Sample of Craig's Song Lyrics & Poetry

Nowhere in the World

The sun goes down
The night comes up
I'm waiting to ride
upon the clouds tonight
What happened to us?
We seem so desperate now
So just to survive
I hope we know how

Somewhere out there
is a place supreme
where nature controls
our very souls

Nowhere in the world
are we free from pain
each and every day
falls some tragic rain

The years have been
too quickly had
I find myself
quite often mad
There's just you and me
That can take the road
That leads to life
such a heavy load

Chorus, Refrain:

Judgement Day (It'll Be Okay)

I've joined the ranks
of the uncontrolled
I know someday
my story will be told

I may not want
Anyone to find out
What I've been doin'
What I'm about

Everyman must pay
For the secrets he's kept
On judgment day
So many have wept

Everyday Everyday Everyday that you say
It'll be ok It'll be okay
You know you must pay
After the final day

I've joined the ranks
of the uncontrolled
I know someday
My story will be told

I may not want
Anyone to find out
What I've been doin'
What I'm about

Everyman must pay
For the secrets he's kept
On judgment Day
So many have wept


Getting Late

All I See
Is a part of me
Alone with my sounds
There are no bounds

I cannot wait
It's getting late
My future's come
But my mind is numb

Will it be tomorrow
Will it be today
When I finally see
What will be my way

What have I done
Why do I run
Maybe I can find
Where lives my mind

I thought I knew
Exactly what to do
But now I find
Life's not so kind

Thanks for the music, bro. We won't forget you.

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